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LA PRENSA is glad to share the ways they have been a real benefit for local businesses and organizations. Not only does LA PRENSA give a voice to those who do not speak Spanish, but also offers an outlet for the Spanish speaking community to share their interests. Everyone from small business owners to religious leaders and politicians had found LA PRENSA to be an asset when communicating with the Hispanic populations of Western Iowa.

LA PRENSA se complace en compartir las formas en que han sido un beneficio real para las empresas y organizaciones locales. LA PRENSA no solo da voz a quienes no hablan español, sino que también ofrece una salida para que la comunidad de habla hispana comparta sus intereses. Todos, desde propietarios de pequeñas empresas hasta líderes religiosos y políticos, han encontrado que LA PRENSA es un activo al comunicarse con las poblaciones hispanohablante del Centro y Oeste de Iowa.



“…we have been advertising in LA PRENSA, with Lorena, for 11 years now and we have had great success. She does a great job and makes it very simple and easy, and it’s just done a good job for us, it really has.”

— Darin Putney, Owner of Champion Ford in Carroll, Iowa

LA PRENSA benefits the latino communities in western and central iowa hispanic newspaper

“LA PRENSA is THE connection to the Latino community in Western Iowa. Their coverage of area events and issues is imperative to our local residents and it is a great way for us to inform local Latinos of community happenings.”

— Evan Blakley, Executive Director
Chamber & Development Council of Crawford County


“…LA PRENSA has brought the Hispanic population to my store, both in Coon Rapids and in Jefferson, helping broaden my market”

— Kyle Bauer, General Manager of New Way Ford in Coon Rapids

advertise Mexican grocery store denison iowa spanish language hispanic newspaper la prensa iowa

“…when LA PRENSA started with the newspaper business, I started advertising there and I really see the difference… brings more business to myself and the community. They also bring the paper to my store for distribution and a lot of people start looking for LA PRENSA every other week, so this will be a very good resource to advertise in… I really recommend it to every one of you!”

— Ramon Patiño, Tienda y Taqueria El Mexicano 1 & 2

... I am the Pastor at St. Rose of Lima in Denison, Iowa. We have a very large Hispanic community here, they like to read the LA PRENSA newspaper because it is the only newspaper in the area that is printed in Spanish, their language, and it covers so much of the local news, from sports to the local politics and business...
— Father Paul Kelly, St. Rose of Lima


“…No other media has as much contact with my Hispanic customers as LA PRENSA does. Using it for special promotions or just to keep my business out in front of potential customers, LA PRENSA works for The Male Room. 

— Don Lally, The Male Room

small business advertising to latinos in western central iowa hispanic newspaper la prensa iowa

LA PRENSA has a saying that is really pretty clever: ‘You don’t have to know how to speak Spanish to have a big voice in the Latino community’...Overall, I look at LA PRENSA, not only as a newspaper, but as a bridge builder between our community, Denison, and the largest, most fastest growing demographic in the United States which is the Latino community.
— Douglas Burns, Carroll Daily Times Herald